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Zen Soundcheck
Zen Soundcheck

Helsinki, Finland

Alternative / Indie Pop

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Bursting to the scene in 2004, Zen Soundcheck is currently a major mover and shaker in the Finnish invasion of rock, fighting along with HIM and The Rasmus. Take some Blondie, mix with a urine sample from the Cowboy Junkies, add a hint of the Rolling Stones and you got one raucious portion of sheer rock power.

The core of Zen Soundcheck consists of one Roberto Rock (voice, guitar), a multi-instrumentalist, author and journalist. The project has also featured the finest session-players Scandinavia has to offer.

Years of experience in some of the most prestigious recording studios in Finland pays off, as the uncompromising, self-produced music takes off in a major way.

Having released a debut EP of great acclaim, So Far Gone, to the masses in early 2006, Zen Soundcheck is about to reach new musical heights with the follow-up single and record, Anything We Want, released in May 2007.

The soundcheck has begun.
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