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Just wasted time
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Just wasted time
Length: 3:36
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Your friend Harry
SongVault Certified Artist Your friend Harry

Maryland, United States


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I'm a German, I write and sing songs. My heart beats for the United States of America. If I had enough money, I would live there. I like the American people and mentality. I've also felt that during my vacation in spring 2008. It was simple my life in Atlanta. Music is one of the most important and most beautiful means of expression. I try to give a good feel through my music to people. Some listeners are of the opinion that I heal their inner life. What for a wonderful compliment! If I give you hope, faith and calmness through my music, I'll be happy. For that reason, I created and create music. For the main part I like to sing country and christian music. I also think it isn't important to make the "perfect music", that don't count overmuch. It is important to touch hearts.

...last but not least I am a voice for seals!
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