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Young G.
SongVault Certified Artist Young G.

New Jersey, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Young G was born and raised in Newark, NJ. He studied music and social science in New Jersey. Young G performed hip-hop music in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Young was ten years old, when he began to fall in love with music. Tupac was Young idol rapper. Tupac was an influence on Young music career.
Young G favorite memory in music, was performing at Ms. Gís. He had about a hundred people in the building. He had people dancing and throwing there hands in the air. This was Young G first time performing. It made him feel respected. He felt people love the type of music he is doing. This was Young G favorite memory.
Young feel as a rapper, he write from the heart. He write what he went or going through. He feel most rappers donít do that. Young G is smooth with what he is doing. He makes people such as, grandmothers and grandfathers too be able to listen too his music. This what makes Young G. style different from the rest.
Young G likes how he can listen too a beat and write a song to it in twenty minutes. Young aspects to be one of the hottest artist in the game. He want to be able to deliver his awesome style too the game. Young was raised by a single parent. He have one brother and two sisters. His mother is a woman that pushes Young everyday. Young father been around a little in his life. His father been in jail, since Young been in seventh grade. He showed Young many things about being a man. But the community helped raised Young G.
Young best quality is handling business deals. Young put out his own album. Which is now online too buy. He started his own indie label. Young worst quality is not pushing harder than heís pushing now. He feels thatís the only way too the top, is by pushing hard. Young G also write movies, besides music. Young now have a movie typed ready for reviews.
Young G goal is too become one of the hottest artist in the game. Young plan to become a better business man. Young life goal is too become a lawyer. A lawyer is what he plans to be, if the music biz donít work out. Young understand everybody canít be a rapper. So Young continue his education, while trying too enter the game.

Young G. Contact Info:
Ph# 908 884-7219
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