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All Songs TCT We'll never be the same
Don't stop lovin' me
#29 in Rock SongVault Certified
Don't stop lovin' me
Length: 4:20
On Network Since Dec 20, 2008
He died for you
#36 in Gospel SongVault Certified
He died for you
We'll never be the same
Length: 4:40
On Network Since Dec 5, 2007
Willie Cameron
SongVault Certified Artist Willie Cameron

San Pedro
California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Christian

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TCT/Willie Cameron
The song writer and recording artists Willie Cameron was conceived and born at the christian church that he attended coming from a vastly different musical backgrounds and experiences,he bund together with the members of their church worship team,but as he grew closer,he recognized that there was a flow of creativity that took place.A creative of varied styles and influences of r&b,soul,latin,jazz,and rock that produced a uniqce and fresh sound.
This sound,coupled with lyrie that echo the word of God and speak directly to the issues and complexities of life,create a medium that will touch the hearts of many.
Born in Atlanta Georgia,Willie has been in the music industry for 14 years prior to giving his life to the Lord.He attended verise school of music where he studied piano,vocals,and song writing.

Artict cotact
TCT/Willie Cameron
2138 S Pacific AVE
San Pedro Ca 90731
(424) 224-0428
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