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War Prayer
War Prayer

California, United States

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

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Unique, dynamic, aggressive sounds bring together witnesses for a celebration of the ultimate opportunity to love life in hostile times. WAR PRAYER is a passionate catharsis demonstrating thanks for freedoms we are blessed with as beneficiaries of all our forefathers' creations. WAR PRAYER is a metamorphisis of the history of Heavy Metal ripened & seasoned with the facts & revelation of the the days we live in. WAR PRAYER is the intention of thanks & hope for all those who go to war on the behalf of the greatest country in the world (close runner up Amsterdam...)... "We wish the songs we breathe to give strength & hope to our troops. It is for all those who choose to fight for a cause. Whether it be the fear of our friends & families being attacked by those who do not understand how to love life or the lust of blowing up & doing away with the negative presence of hateful pieces of ####". "We are all alive in the most critical time of our world's being. We understand everyone is different. It is our time. We are the ones we've all been waiting for. Let us make a difference"! exclaims vocalist Angst.

Vocalist /lyricist, Angst AKA Buffalo Bill grew up in Buffalo, NY. OZZY, Paul Baloff from EXODUS & native American shamanists are most immediate favorite influences of Buffalo Bill. Branded w/ a tattoo of the name of his early band RULE! on his head & 8 emotions in the figure of an 8 / infinity on his arm. Motive? "Music always on mind & emotions on sleeve". ACID BATH, C.O.C., OVERKILL & TOOL are some of his favorites RULE! & PIMP SLAP THE ATMOSPHERE shared the stage with. In his youngest metal years Angst played with Paul Berserkowicz & Bob Rusay in a band called TYRANT SIN. Rusay & Mazurkiewicz would become the beginning of world wide hailed death metal pioneers, CANNIBAL CORPSE. Most recently, Angst played with psychodelic metal band DEFINE DIVINE featuring former members of NEUROTICA & PIMP SLAP THE ATMOSPHERE. After Bill left the band from Sarasota, Fl. Angst relocated to Cali to raise his first child in 2006.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, guitarist turned drummer Jonathan Wilson has always had a passion for listening & playing music. That developed into an interest in recording and he attended classes at Los Medanos College. Feeling the need to play an aggressive style of music, Jonathan jumped on Craigslist and met Buffalo Bill through an ad looking for musicians that want to "celebrate life through music". JW loves pork chops.

After several attempts to recognize the willing & able, they returned to Craigslist and found Jonathan's former hockey team mate, guitarist, Beau Grant. As a youngster, Beau had been introduced to Metal by friend and current Bass player Dave Robbins. After this, he became engulfed in music & roadied for Atlantic recording artists, VICIOUS RUMORS. Touring experiences fueled the fire in his heart for his love and appreciation of live music. After years of getting together with friends for the love of music, he adjoined the current lineup of War Prayer. Beau loves playing hockey, pugilism & hiking nude on Mt. Diablo.

Dave Robbins grew up in Tracy, CA. He began his musical career playing piano at the age of 8. He joined his 1st band as a bassist at 11. During the course of his bass playing career, Dave played w/ Bay Area original metal band SNYPER who received favorable international reviews. He also auditioned for METALLICA & OZZY's touring band. Some of the more memorable acts he's shared the stage w/ include PRIMUS, WENDY O. WILLIAMS & MAN O' WAR. A few years back, Dave was involved in a serious/near-death auto accident in which he lost the use of his right arm. He tried playing bass w/ his ##### for a while. That wasn't received as well as one might hope. After months of excruciating rehabilitation, he regained full use of his arm. In the music of WAR PRAYER, his playing is as strong as ever.

All 4 members recognize musical influences dating back from the British Metal Invasion ,the Bay Area Headbangers as well as the most intense modern hardcore sounds.
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