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Mpumalanga, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / African

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"A succesful person is not intelligent but hardworking", those are the words that help TyDa ZAR to persue his music career.

A 20 year old Emmanuel Thabang Mtshweni also known as TyDa ZAR from a small kasi called Chrishani in KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga, is a hardworking and dedicated young man, and his passion for music all started back in 2010 during the world cup when he and his friends decided to form a music group with EmanT as his stage name.

Years went by and he decided to go solo using the name TyDa ZAR as his current stage name and as he is called by those who know him. The reason for him to chase his dream as a musician(rapper) is because he wanted to differ from most people and to save the Hip Hop culture.

Music has always been TyDa's dream while other kids dreamt of being doctors and etc,he feels like he's got much to offer through his music and one thing that makes him an artist is that he believes he is an introvert and rap is therapy for him and a great platform to allow his emotions to vent.

His Inspiration to write music comes from people,experiences he's came across and life itself which is the reason why most of his lyrics are based on reality.And through his music he is aiming to innovate,inspire and change not only himself but also the people who listen to his music.He rose from the ground to the surface and was humble enough to work with some of the local artists like: Glim Shalon, Sanza LO, BeOnG, Daskidoh,Ohbee,Great Alpha and Spete Seni(Nigeria) and that allows him to grow daily in the industry.

TyDa ZAR has decided to join Fisto Fire Productions because he has watched the production grow over the years and he chose it because the team exists of visionaries and goal driven people who have the same characteristics as he does.
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