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Bristol, United Kingdom

Metal / Hard Rock / Rock

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Twisted have earned the reputation as Bristolís only original no-nonsense, hard rock band and have built a dedicated following of loyal fans. Packing live performances in front of their famous wall of Marshall amps, Twisted are the ultimate in hard rock, and not just because of the buzz you take away from every gig. With too many influences to mention, Twisted are backed up with years of experience and provide an exciting new perspective to live music. Combining a tight mix of anthemic vocals, powerhouse drumming, thundering bass tones and the apocalyptic riffs. Aggression, beauty and yet a distinct commerciality have placed Twisted in a new and exciting niche in the constant changing world of music. With frequent airplay and high profile support to legendary rock bands will no doubt soon be replaced with bands own well deserved headline status. Despite their achievements, Twisted remain modest allowing their music to do the talking exuding their obvious love for their own style of hard hitting rock which should not be missed.
TWISTED have recently recorded a Live Sessions demo at Bink Bonk studios in Bristol.You can hear 4 of their tracks at their offical website
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