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England, United Kingdom

Alternative Folk

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Hi, First of all I will introduce myself as a reluctant singer/songwriter, I say reluctant because I am a passionate songwriter both with the lyrics and the music, but I feel justice can only be done to my songs by using talented singers and musicians. As a songwriter I am in the position where I have no option but to perform the songs myself, in order to get them out there, hoping all the time that an artist or band may hear them, be inspired by them and wish to record them. Thatís the dream anyway, so if you fancy giving one or more of my songs your own treatment, please feel free to contact me for lyrics, music, chords etc. You will find that almost all of my songs are topical, reflecting differing takes on society and life. I love to write, I love music, I love to tell a story and make statements but most of all I love to reach out and touch someone with the lyrics of a song. My influences in music number far to many to mention so I will list my main heroes, first of all long gone but never forgot, Harry Chapin, Jim Crocie, Steve Goodman, lets get back to the living with Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Dean Freidman, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Don McLain, I could go on for ever. The hours I have spent listening to the great and under-rated Steve Goodman , who was taken from us way to early, I feel I owe him big time, along with Harry C and the rest. Anyway if my music doesnít rock your boat, I suppose thereís just a chance that I may have tempted you to check out the some of the artists I have listed above, believe me you will not regret it. T.T.O'Neill
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