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New York
New York, United States

Dance Pop / Alternative

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"The best music was always happening in the gay clubs, from New
York to Berlin, from Detroit to Rome. Doc Martins, kids twirling
with unbridled passion for Erasure, INXS, DepecheMode, Ian Dury,
Laurie Anderson. The Rouge of Weimar Cabaret, The Black of
Executive Slacks, the Bleach of Blondie. Trystette+BobbieRae
is the pulse, heartbeat of a love affair. This is the soundtrack
for the world's stolen kisses in the strobe light, the future of
electro-psych anthems, you are part of the show. If you are
going to dream, why not dance doing it. DNCEMTHFKRDNCE
Trystette, a Berliner before moving to New York, performed on
Berlin's Weimar-style cabaret stage in the late 90s lauded as
"an exceptional artist whose high-class talent as singer and
performer made it a joy for us to engage her" (Chamaeleon
Variete, Berlin). Front woman of Berlin electronic duo Tryst
(BMG/Universal), fused original, sensual and rocking melodic
songs with extraordinary collisions of pop, electronic, soul,
fractured break-beats and cabaret. Made her NYC debut, with
2006 simmering album Deepest Part of My Soul with the legendary
bassist-producer TM Stevens, "a beautiful exploration of funk,
ambient, and house music, providing a perfect soundtrack for
late night life." (1340 Magazine).
Bobbie Rae is Lithium-Ether, dark, flowing, sensuously-deadly.
Music is elemental - music gets into your DNA, it makes you
smell things differently, it's a catalyst for change - audio-
therapy. Bringing the flavor of North Philladelphia blocks
to cutting his teeth with Spear of Destiny at London's infamous
SkinToo party; BobbieRae has worked with MDMA (Utah Saints),
Killing Joke, Executive Slacks, and is currently drummer and
co-producer for BeBe Beull. BobbieRae brings the deep pulse,
yearning rhythm, penetrating kick, and fathom-less soul, to
every track and live performance.
Plus+ (plus-plus) is the third member of the Trystette+BobbieRae
triad. Born directly from the dance floor, and submerged in the
NYC club scene, twirling with Michael T, jacking his body to
fixtures Timmy Regisford, and Gant Johnston from Mr.Black.
Plus+ is a muse, taste-maker, a psychopomp, a bridge from
the storied past to the glittering, organic and electric future.
As the aural radar, and fire-starter for Trystette+BobbieRae,
Plus+ connects Trystette and BobbieRae through sparkling visual
creativity while showing beautiful boys and girls how boots and
booties meet the beat."
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