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Trevor Ngomane
Trevor Ngomane

Mpumalanga, South Africa

House / Blues

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I'm Trevor Ngomane stage name Desert from South Africa,Mpumalanga. I'm an upcoming producer/dj and i llove music alot,i started to producer music when i was at high school in grade 9 i taught myself to produce music at that time,then in grade 10 i found that my friend Muzwakhe Mathe stage name Malcomplicated is busy with music then we form up a group named IAMVAMOEDRECORDS with which the name of it was found by malcomplicated and we started to share some strategics of music until now i meet up my guy called Gavin stage name G Phoenix. He is teaching me new things on music and he is useful he's also good in doing music. So far I've dropped some tracks and we're still pushing to make our dreams come true.
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