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Length: 4:08
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Bring Me Through
#234 in Rock SongVault Certified
Bring Me Through
Length: 4:14
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Your Eyes
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Your Eyes
Length: 3:44
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Tom Zona
SongVault Certified Artist Tom Zona

New York, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Instrumental Rock

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Like most people who wind up songwriting, Iíve been at it most of my life. At the age of three, I remember sitting on the stoop outside my house, not just playing with my toy accordion, but trying to create patterns.

By the time I was twelve, my parentís second-hand spinet became my instrument of choice, and itís where I started to write my first songs.

Towards the end of elementary school, my bus driver mentioned that the Beatles had arrived in America. For a moment I thought he was talking about a new and deadly bug infestation, but he was far too excited and upbeat for that.

The end of the sixties was an amazing time for rock. Thatís when the guitar started to loom large for us all. With The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, etc. all releasing albums at the same time, there was plenty of inspiration to write music, and so I started writing primarily on the guitar.

I spent my time in Middle and High School playing in cover bands. Songwriting tends to take a back seat when you get the undivided attention of the prettiest girls in high school just because you stand in front of a band and sing.

Of course, when Monday rolled around I returned to be my usual, invisible self. Thatís always been great motivation for songwriting.

It was the end of the Vietnam War when I graduated high school and enlisted in the Army. There was a lottery system for the draft and we were all afraid of getting a low number so I joined. I bought an acoustic guitar to take with me, but I had a hard time finding the time to even play, let alone write.

When I got out of the service, everything changedÖ completely! Many of the rock stars of the sixties were either dead or as good as dead. Soon there was this thing called the Hustle, and Disco, and Saturday Night Fever, and over night, a new war had begun.

From that point on, it seemed like I was always playing catch-up. Time marched on, I got a job, got married, got a degree in accounting, had three kids, and songwriting, while always there, was placed on the back burner.

By the beginning of eighties the analog synthesizer was coming into its own. I bought a couple and found myself spending time exploring sounds and writing pop/new age. I suppose you could say it was the precursor to the modern one man band. The ability to make so much sound alone was addicting.

The guitar had been taking a back seat to the keyboard, but by the end of the eighties it was rising from the ashes. It was then that I started to write music full-time. I bought a 4-track reel to reel, had sound modules, a hardware sequencer, and a drum machine and spent the nineties writing 200 or so songs.

I was published in 1998 by DSM Producerís in NY, a five year contract, which has come and gone with me Ö none the richer.;)

But this decade has been my favorite since my high school days, using a computer for everything, from recording, to sounds, to mixing, to mastering; music creation has never been more satisfyingly self-contained.

Thereís been a return to real musicians playing music live. Even though Iíve spent a considerable time learning to sequence, Iíve always mixed live playing and singing into most of what Iíve been doing.

The songs here reflect that philosophy.
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