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Tom Mair
Tom Mair

Alberta, Canada

Instrumental Rock / Rock

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I see Myself as a musical perfectionist. Always striving to get the last nuance right. I try to play with a deep understanding and wisdom. I am also a songwriter, collaborating with many artists around Canada including the Winnipeg based band FIST/MYOFIST to whom I contributed Lead Guitar and Lyrics which were used on the album "BOLTED DOOR", which features some Rockin' treasures in a classic Metal Vein. As a guitar player, singer, and songwriter, I try to maintain a true professionality and Dedication to my Craft.
I am a Musician First and a Guitar Fanatic Second. Starting on Drums, then graduating to Guitar and Bass as well as dabbling at Keyboards, I Love to play All styles of Music and have covered everything in Bands ranging from 6 or 7 Piece variety Bands complete with Saxaphonists and the Like as well as strictly Country Bands right up to Heavy Metal Bands and everything in Between.
I have diligently studied Music Theory as well and created My own Rock guitar Theory/Method which I hope to finish writing and Publish someday.
My influences include Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley, Joe satriani and Randy Rhoads to name just a Few.
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