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TN'T (Trish & Tom)
TN'T (Trish & Tom)

N babylon
New York, United States

Soul / House

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Tn'T Bio
Tn'T (Trish & Tom), first and foremost are soul mates. The two met as members in the soul-funk band Pryme Tyme (Trish lead vocals, Tom drummer, songwriter, vocals). They write music that is real, funky, melodic, from the soul, the heart, and all else that is good. In 2003 they recorded their debut cd 'Sweet Like Honey'. Often times the question is asked. Did they
grow up in households heavily influenced by mom and dads' jazz and soul collection? Or were their parents famous musicians and singers? absolutely not. There were a few Ray Charles records lying around. The order of the day in Toms' house was usually gospel music. So who and what were their influences? How did they come up with this eclectic mix of soul and funk?
Well first, you have Tom who's from the south and then there's Trish who was born and raised in the north. Their style is simply a reflection of the many hours spent listening to artists such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack and many others. Tn'T have been influenced by all genres of music...jazz, blues, gospel, hip hop, rock, pop, house, reggae, and every other kind of music under the sun. Oh yeah, and don't forget Toms' uncle Sam Matt who is one of the most prolific gospel singers ever.

Trish and Tom have just released their sophomore cd entitled 'SomethingGood'. This cd comes after there first release 'Sweet Like Honey', which kicked down the door and introduced Tn'T to the world of indie soul music. 'Something Good' consist of 17 new tracks with all but four of the songs written and produced by the dynamic duo themselves. All of the tracks were recorded in house at their own Light, Laugh, and Love studio. Of course they invited some of the funkiest musicians on the planet over to bless the tracks. Although Trish and Tom love using the term 'funk' to describe their music, this cd is diverse and will take the listener on an unforgettable musical journey.

Tn'T have also worked extensively as songwriters, co-producers, vocalist, and musicians with legendary funk and dance producers Ray Reid and Kenton Nix. Reid is most notable for his work with (Crown Heights Affair, Unlimited Touch, France Jolie, etc., etc.). While Nix is known for his hits, 'Heartbeat' (Tanya Gardner), 'Funky Sensation' (Gwen Guthrie). In addition Tn'T has opened for the late great
Stanley Turrentine and have had the privilege of doing r&b, soul workshops featuring James D-Train Williams who recorded the hit 'Keep On'.

Trish and Tom have been blessed with wonderful lives, so it's only fitting they project this in their music. So remember the new cd 'Something Good', check it out you'll find the title most appropriate.

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease,
Trish and Tom (Tn'T)
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