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Rhythm & Blues
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SongVault Certified Artist TIM SHARPTON

Alabama, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Rock

Most southern music fans know Tim Sharpton as the keyboardist/writer for The Rossington Band and from the LYNYRD SKYNYRD TRIBUTE TOUR. Naturally, people tend to identify Tim with southern ROCK AND ROLL. Although this would be an accurate assumption, it would only be partially true. Tim has a deep and profound appreciation for all styles and genre’s of music. He came by this honestly.
Growing up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama was the perfect creative schoolyard for Tim. He started playing piano when he was 5, and was winning talent shows around the South at the age of 7. By the time Tim was 13, he was opening for the legendary Buford Puser (portrayed in the “ WALKING TALL” movie series.) Two years later, Tim signed his first artist/writer contract with Music Mill Recording Studios and began writing with some of the top songwriters in the music industry. At that time Muscle Shoals, Alabama was officially the “HIT RECORDING CAPITAL “of the world. Tim spent his teenage years writing, performing and playing studio sessions. He toured extensively with top acts and worked as an entertainer for the cruise ship industry. This had a powerful musical affect on Tim. He was exposed to every style of music under the sun. In order to work and keep working, every musician has to be able to become a musical chameleon. Tim learned all the standards, classical, jazz, show tunes, and even to learn to sing in Spanish. He wouldn’t take anything for the experience.
Tim’s latest debut album “BABYLON” is a reflection of his love for all styles of music. If it had to be categorized it would probably fall somewhere between POP and R & B. The songs are catchy and uplifting. They are down- to- earth and honest. Most importantly, they make you feel good and inspired. Produced be industry legend Jimmy Johnson, this album features stellar performances by the world-renowned MUSCLE SHOALS HORN SECTION, members of the original Muscle Shoals Swampers (mentioned in the 3rd verse of “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”) and a cast of musicians who helped create a sound that is famous around the world: The Muscle Shoals Sound. This work is truly a collector’s item for music history lovers and for people who love great music. Tim hopes you enjoy this CD as much as he enjoyed being a part of it.P.S. THE ROSSINGTON BAND'S "LOVE YOUR MAN" CD has officially been re-released.It's available everywhere. I just bought a copy at This has truly blown my mind and just goes to show you that you never know what lies just around the corner and to never give up on your dreams. God put them there for a reason.
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