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Tim Meils
Tim Meils

Indiana, United States

Adult Alternative / Singer/Songwriter

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Tim Meils has been writing and recording original music as well as performing over the past years. He once belonged to the band Ninecloud and now is on his own having just released his new album Lasso. Timís show is based on a mixture of original rock and cover songs drawing from the influences of the Beatles, Lenny Kravitz and Collective Soul. He is currently putting together a lineup for a new band to join him to create a sound based on Timís original rock. Tim Meils has also recently finished his newest album LASSO Tim Meils He wrote and played all of his songs and instruments on his latest CD. The Indianapolis native is sure to blow you away. "Iris" & "Bitch" are my favorites. :) -Ashley MimsóBest Kept Secrets Online The fact that Tim Meils(Ninecloud) has it in them to write songs of this caliber is a great indicator of their creative power for the future. -Heidi Drockelman-Bloomington Independent
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