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All Songs Won't Give Up
Won't Give Up
#457 in Pop SongVault Certified
Won't Give Up
Won't Give Up
Indie Pop
Length: 3:25
On Network Since Jul 1, 2011
How Can I Get You to Stay
#458 in Pop SongVault Certified
How Can I Get You to Stay
Won't Give Up
Indie Pop
Length: 4:07
On Network Since Jul 1, 2011
Fall in Love
#459 in Pop SongVault Certified
Fall in Love
Won't Give Up
Indie Pop
Length: 3:24
On Network Since Jul 1, 2011
This is lizzard
SongVault Certified Artist This is lizzard

Zeeland, The Netherlands

Indie Pop / Soft Rock

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This is lizzard Band Bio
"Voice of an Angel *****
All cuts are remarkable and the lead/title single "Won't Give Up' dazzles.
This group has a big future not only in Western Europe, but abroad as well. Lizanne Hennessey has the voice of an angel. Move over Dido!"
- Linda Bokach, iTunes - Nov 2011

This is lizzard was founded by American singer/lyricist Lizanne Hennessey and Dutch musician/composer Roland Stolk. Their music is based on pop/rock and strengthened by a mix of their favorite genres, including funk, soul, reggae and country.

Lizanne and Roland formed This is lizzard in 1998 and have never stopped making music since. Thirteen years later, they released their debut album, 'Won't Give Up'. The title says it all. They never did give up, and won't give up when it comes to fulfilling their dreams and sharing their music.
Their new album, the unplugged EP called 'The Orcas Sessions', was released on December 1, 2011. The 6-track EP is a transcontinental collaboration with American musician/singer Gene Nery and includes an original Christmas song as well as an intimate live version of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'".

Lizanne Hennessey was born in the United States and is a singer/lyricist by nature. She writes and sings in English, her native language. She is also a personal voice coach and professional voice-over talent. Lizanne was active in various bands and studio sessions when she met Roland in the late 90's, and not long after, formed This is lizzard together. They've been making beautiful music together ever since.

Dutch-born musician/composer Roland Stolk graduated with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano and vibraphone. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is proficient on piano, keyboard, percussion, drums, vibes and guitar. During his extensive touring experience throughout the Netherlands in the 90's with Dutch artists such as Matilda Santing and Herman van Veen, Roland began to focus on his studio engineering skills with the first-rate production on 'Won't Give Up' and the upcoming EP 'The Orcas Sessions' as the result.

Gifted American multi-instrumentalist Gene Nery joined This is lizzard in the summer of 2010 while Roland and Lizanne were visiting Orcas Island, where Gene lives. The three musicians clicked immediately and recorded the transcontinental production 'The Orcas Sessions' as an unplugged trio.

The husband-and-wife duo This is lizzard pride themselves on the tremendous diversity and outstanding musicianship and production on both 'Won't Give Up' and 'The Orcas Sessions'. Their music is like nothing and everything you've ever heard before; familiar yet unpredictable, their music can lull the listener into a dream-like state then deliver a wake-up call full of power and positive energy.

"The reason you think you know it is because it’s good enough and catchy enough that it should be on the radio...In short, it sounds like something you should be listening to!"
- Ciarán Brennan The Music Ladder

Lizanne Hennessey - lead vocals/lyrics
Roland Stolk - guitar/ backing vocals/ additional instruments/composition/production
Gene Nery - guitars/udu drum/trumpet/lead vocals/backing vocals
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