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The Bank
The Bank

France, France

Indie Rock

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There we came and lived for eight months. The holy town of Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom of Great-Britain and Northern Ireland. The singing paradise of white trash and decadence, the perfect place for the death of the mind and the burial of the soul.
Pierre Alexander, that's I, and Sebastian Stelzer, that's him, explored each pub and shop of the spot, mingled a bit with the locals, met a few nice ones and too many bad ones. But life is about mixing the good and the bad and make the all cocktail a drinkable one and thus we decided to make a rock album, as a tribute to our experiment of life in Britain.
We recorded part of it in the music department of Bishop Stopford School, and part of it in a flat off Sainsbury's road (I call it Sainsbury's road since I can't remember the actual name of the street).
Then we came back to our respective countries and forgot about rock n'roll, until someone said he didn't dislike the album as much as every artistic attempt I had made before.
That gave me a real boost, and we decided to push it a little bit further...
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