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Thatboy Lex
Thatboy Lex

Free State, South Africa

House / HipHop / Rap

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Not long ago - (Born Mokhachane Tshidiso) in
depths of Botshabelo one of the South African
distinsive. A young gifted boy from Free State,
better known by his stage name "Lex" which is
greatly describes his creative versatility in
music. this young boy brought by a dream of
making A+ music with graphics for the world
and he mainly focused on both gengres style
in his Art.
Got started playing Beatbox for Beats and
learned about Chords(Notes), beats
measurements and bars. Then his Friend Troy
M Introduced him to FL Studio Computer
(software) that is used to make beats. Lex
built solid local buzz through impressive
online hustle by uploading his beats.
In 2006 Lex and Thato Toai got inspired by
ASAP Rocky and form a rap crew called ASAP
The crew had high hopes and were waiting to
be discovered but that big break eluded the
group. The Group then changed to Vypers
Unloaded with the addition of the new
members. Vyper took a while to cement it’s
identity as a group with the changes in
personal and initially being combined with the
other two members of 4GT
In 2016 the group looked to be headed for
better things but this was put in with the
departure Rapper, Teebo decided to part ways
with the group to pursue a career. It would
seem that was the beginning of the end for
Vyper Unloaded but JT(Thapelo Motlatsi)
continued with the Crew - holding the fort. In
the same year " Lex -Teebo & Stivas " left
Vypers Unloaded and formed a new group
called TheMod for themselves after joining
*Troy Nation Movement*
[Hip Hop & House DJ, Producer, Rapper &
Graphic Designer.] *
Troy M(Rapper & Producer) • 2KBeatz(Singer -
Rapper & Producer) • WiziBeats(Rapper &
Producer) • Teebo(Rapper) • Biggie (Rapper &
Producer) • C-Jay(Producer) & Stivas(Rapper
& House DJ)
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