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New Booty
#198 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
New Booty
A Song Writing Showcase!
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:08
On Network Since Jun 6, 2007
Tha Piecemakerz
SongVault Certified Artist Tha Piecemakerz

Georgia, United States

Rhythm & Blues / HipHop / Rap

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A Cross Between R.Kelly, Akon, Usher,MUSIQ SoulChild, Jaheim & More, Is The Way Tha PieceMakerz Are Being Described...
With Some Of The HOTTEST Bangin Tracks from The Best Producers In The Industry, Mixed in With Lyrics That Tell The Truth about All of Our Lives, Tha PieceMakerz Have Found away to Transform every Track to Some How Tell A Story that Will Sound So Familiar To you you will have to Play the Album Over & Over Just to Say Damn, They Right About that!
Listen With your Ears And Heart as Your Taken thru A Song Writing Showcase!

Truly Your type Of Muzik...YOU DECIDE!!!
Influenced by The Greats Like Earth, Wind & Fire, Isaac Hayes, Blue Magic, The Mighty Ojay's & Marvin Gaye, just to name a few. This album express life the way Only Adults could Experience it!

Growing up with a plethora of musical family backgrounds and legendary influences, like but not limited to the Late L.C. Sneed of Warner Brothers, these two young men have been through almost everything you could imagine any artist should have to endure! Living in Different enviroments like the Hood or So Called "Ghetto" their Struggles to Grow Up and Become men were Long And Still Hard. But Having Some Of the best Times of their lives in The Streets, you know only the way the Hood Could Show Her People! But Thru A serious of Events And Persitance, the Brothers Over Came it All And Focused on Birth Given Skills! MUSIC....

Boths side Were lived The good & The Bad Having their start professionally in the Miami Bass music era, working and performing with such artist as Quad Force, Party Boyz, Skin-2-win, Gucci Crew, Luke, Disco Rick & The Dogs, Mc A.D.E, MC Shy-D to The Legendary Devastator -X, these brothers have been around from almost day one! Either on the creative side of song ideas, to engineering, producing and even writing, these artists have had their hands in some of everyone's projects from the start!

Having done independent singles and songs on various compilations such as "Sonic Boom94 Bass in Yo Face" & The Party Boyz Album featuring Dj. Tranz (Ride Out). After various hardships and trials of 'take advantage of the new artist' disease,We picked OurSelves up, dusted off and continued on becoming ghost writers led by the eldest brother Sly "Pyper" Jordan, who after linking up with friend Kevin Hall (Rondor Music), went on to write and produce for such artists as Jaheim, Donnell Jones, Debra Cox & more!

Even with Doing Certain Projects We still endured the ups and downs of ghost writing not receiving credit for songs wrote,Long Delays of Royalty Checks & Plenty of Bills You KNOW!
Tha PieceMakerz were able to overcome the obstacles put before them by realizing what is missing in Music & Business Strategy - UNITY...

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