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#27 in Electronic SongVault Finals
The Darkness
Length: 6:11
On Network Since Feb 28, 2020
The Darkness_Dj_Spura
#9 in Electronic SongVault Showcase
The Darkness_Dj_Spura
The Darkness
Length: 7:01
On Network Since May 7, 2020
Tebogo Radebe (Dj Spura)
Tebogo Radebe (Dj Spura)

Mpumalanga, South Africa


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Tebogo Simon Radebe also known as DJ Spura from FBN Music Rec is a producer and a Singer as well. He started doing music since from 2011, where he was inspired by his late Brother Dj Topbzy in doing music from an early age.
His late brother which passed on 2012 October and Dj Spura had already started doing music.
"It was very hard for me to learn everything about music myself with no external help up until now" he said,
Dj Spura is very passionate about music which it started as a hobby and transformed from hobby to Hobby Career.

He actually did lot of different genres in the industry, which is Tribal, afro-house, Hip hop, commercial house, house, gqom and Currently doing Amapiano music which is now the genre that is Currently trending.

He has actually worked with Various artists, Dj Quentin, Tradelight(Skinno luv & Msangosha), Tonic, Bongza, Donovan masombuka, Sir Sello Sk, Uni-Boyz(hit makers of S'bherebhere prod~by dj spura), dj cover majestic, Black industrial & Mpani

"I am also a DJ", he said.

" i am not only focusing on Music but i am also a student at TUT Arcadia Campus, i am currently busy with my Diploma in Analytical Chemistry as a Full-time student"

Multitasking was never a problem to Dj Spura, due to has been doing this(Multitasking) for more than six years now.
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