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Tasha Catour
Tasha Catour

Georgia, United States

Rhythm & Blues

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Latasha Levitt-Williams was born on Sept. 5 1988 at Grady Memorial Hostpial in Atlanta Ga. Ever since she could remember she had a passion for singing. She inherited her vocal ability from her father Westley Williams and her drive and determination from her mother Amberula Levitt. As a child she enter and won numerous talent shows. She began singing in her church children's choir at the age of seven. After hearing Brandy self titled album and seeing that her and brandy had a lot in common, she wanted to be just like her. At the age of sixteen Tasha wrote her first song entitled "I want you". At the age of seventeen she meet a young man named Michael Givens also known as "J-Mercy". She joined his record label “Top of The Line Ent.” and recorded her first hook "How could you" and song "I want you". She began writing and recording more until she completed her first promo disc. She then began distributing them to her family and friends to get construtive criticism on her work. In the process she met Tim Harris BKA "5dollaz" and her cousin threw marriage Terrance pickett better known as "Big Tee". "5dollaz" became another main producer of hers along with the songs she recorded with J-Mercy she formed an album. Along with recording numerous original songs Tasha has written songs for other unsigned artist. She is now nineteen and majoring in comminications at Alabama State University. She is still striving to accomplish all of her dreams.
-Jasmine Simmons
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