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Tamre' Colby Davidson
Tamre' Colby Davidson

Rancho Cordova
California, United States

Indie Rock / Blues

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hi! I'm a musician! I play the guitar and sing!! My voice is my main instrument!! I love to write!! I love going out to concerts and shows, Traveling, Recording!! I also love to cook!! I've owned several SouthWestern Restaraunts!! I created all the recipes and design, I got bought out after my divorce!! So, Now I'm thinking of putting a cookbook togeather!! I have 1 Beautiful and talented daughter that goes to College!! I enjoy The Ocean!! Swimming, Snorkeling, Canoeing, Sailing etc.. I'm very outgoing and like people!! I host Blues Shows in my area of N. Calif.!! The Sac/Placer Blues Meetup group and society!! I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes, I'm 5' 5 and weigh about 125lbs. I'll be adding a pic as soon as I can cut one down to the right size!! Blessings!! Tamre'
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