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Taktic One
Taktic One

Western Cape, South Africa

Alternative Rap / Christian HipHop / Rap

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Sup Ere'body :)

background info on me:

I first took to the stage as frontman vocalist (with rapcore stylings after Rage against the machine and various grunge bands) in the band "Modem" in 1995/1996 with my dudes Brendan and Gareth (and Iain ?)

in late 2000 I started honing the rap skills and went through a few tags and stage names until I settled on TakticOne

Since then I have opened for the Finklesteins, recorded on my man Cjays Album, and shared the stage with many South African artists (well known musicians and a grip of underground cats) most recently I performed at Rock the Loxion with Rattex "The Township Tornado", Hardcore deliverance and a few other underground gems from Cape Town -

I hope that through my music I can bring value and hope into people's lives. I'm not doing this to push my beliefs or opinions down anyone's throat, the truth is - the music has to come out and i just need to make music period - .. but... I will say this; I believe that if given half a chance, my messages can help and contribute to a better existence here on The Blue, and that's all there is to it, that's where I'm going with this :)

Hip hop is a lifestyle - not a genre
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