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On Network Since Sep 25, 2008
Stone Johnson & The Blues Revue
SongVault Certified Artist Stone Johnson & The Blues Revue

Ohio, United States

Blues / Electric Blues

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From the Appalachian by-ways comes one of Ohio's premiere blues bands, Stone Johnson & The Shooters. One of the most original bands to ever hit the circuit and a show-like presentation that is is both entertaining and energetic. Bringing many different styles of blues into one melting pot,SJS crosses the boundaries of what modern blues music is. With two original hit songs on over 16 radio stations from LA to Boston,the band has been gaining national attention.Winners of the IBA in 2007, a 3rd place spot ( of 16 bands) in the MVB Blues challenge Memphis,TN and a following that grows with each performance.

Deep rooted in Texas and Delta blues you can experience many varieties of blues from all over the country: Delta, Chicago, Texas, Electric bluesand along with hit orignal songs to playing covers from the greatest blues artists to ever hit the radio.This makes for a completerounded show that has never failed to please audiences.Blues that you can move to is the theme behind every performance that Stone Johnson & The Shooters puts on. This is the reason for the great success of the band.

Formed in 2006, Stone Johnson has been performing for audiences fromIndiana to Pittsburgh and expanding to the midwest and south in 2009.A proven record for electrifying their fans, SJS constantly proves why the critics are hailing the band as "True blues music" (The Cryb), and gettingreviews like "Stone Johnson & The Shooters are the new bluesmen in town, such energy we have'nt seen in a blues band in a longtime. These guys have it all."

(John Ritenhouse,Blues Sentinel).
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