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How To Fix Your Smelly Vacuum Cleaners

Any vacuum cleaner users might have encountered unpleasant issues like your vacuum becoming smelly. There are some vacuum cleaners on the market claiming to never get stinky. Don’t be tricked by these bluffing words since even the best vacuum cleaners on the market can end up smelling bad without proper usage. That is why you will need to read this full article as we will provide some information on root causes and simple solutions to ensure your vacuums smell good like brand new. 

What causes the bad odors

Dust bag/container gets full or dirty

It seems like the most obvious reason, however, not everyone has the patience to do a thorough cleanup after the tiring vacuuming task. For bagged vacuums, it takes even more effort to make sure all dirty particles built up after a relatively long period of time are gone, as this means you have to properly wash it with soap. Very common, you may wait till the dust bag/container gets full before emptying. Just imagine the smell of your car after leaving a garbage bag inside for a long time. What you are doing to vacuum cleaners is similar.

Your filter is unable to do its job

Filters are in charge of trapping most airborne particles which may lead to the smell. However, it is also the component that is usually forgotten due to its hidden placement. If the filter becomes too dirty, it can betray you and release bad odors back to the room. Regardless of filtration technology, even HEPA filters cannot solve the problem if you do not clean them well. Meanwhile, if you clean your filter and put it back when it is still damp, your vacuum’s health will be threatened. Another common problem is forgetting to replace your filter when the time comes. 

You are vacuuming literally everything

Vacuum cleaners are not smart enough yet to tell what to suck in. Similarly, we, as users, are not always attentive enough to see what lies on the ground. It is very likely for us to vacuum stuff with moisture like wet food or water on the kitchen floor. The moisture will then enter the warm environment inside a running vacuum, creating an ideal place for bacteria to generate. 

How to eliminate the bad smell

There is no other answer than taking preventive actions in a routine manner. This means:

- Clean up not only the dust bag or filter but also other parts of your vacuum where dust can land. Use a big dry brush to remove dust to avoid any moisture.

- Beware of dust or potential blockage at hoses and crevice tools as these are particularly hard to see and clean. Once again, make sure to dry clean.

- Consider the manufacturers’ instructions and materials of filters and clean and replace your filter correctly. If your filter is washable, wash it with warm soapy water. If it is made of paper, simply shake it to remove dust.

- Check Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners reviews to see other potential causes


Bad odors can be a common issue but hopefully with the explanation and tips offered above your concern will no longer exist. Remember knowledge is the ultimate key. 

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