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ST (Street Team)
ST (Street Team)

Alabama, United States

HipHop / Rap / Soul

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When the name StreetTeam comes to mind, one usually thinks of small groups of people promoting something they believe in. Well that’s exactly the case with this small group from the south. “We believe,” says emcee D-Tech “in good music”. You will often hear people implying that they do more than just music—that they are a movement. These guys mean it. Originally from Huntsville, AL this dynamic duo brings a fresh new approach to not only southern music, but the entire hip-hop genre. “Music should be selfless,” interrupts in-house producer and emcee Kwofi. “It’s a gift that was given to us, so who are we to make it appear as if you have to look a certain way or be a certain way to have it.” In fact, the only thing these guys ask is that you listen.

It all began in a small two-bedroom apartment on the south side of Huntsville for these childhood friends. “We would sit around and just talk about music all the time,” says D-Tech. “We would always get together and just rhyme—until Kwofi started making beats… then it was like…ok”. The originally four man group would get together and hone their skills over instrumentals; challenging each other by free-styling while driving and competing to see who could incorporate the most street signs and billboards in their rap. At this same time, Kwofi was beginning his walk down the path of producer/engineer. It wasn’t long until the guys found themselves in a local studio recording their first song and in 2003, the group StreetTeam was born.

Like any other group ST (as they like to be called) has had its share of changes. “We really feel like this is how it’s supposed to be,” says Kwofi on the subject of the membership dropping down to two, “…simplicity is key.” The current members work well together, and it shows. As music from their unreleased project “The Color of Love” plays in the background, the two sit over a Caribbean style meal to discuss their inspiration. “People say it all the time,” D-Tech begins “but really its just life”. With a mouth full of food Kwofi begins to explain how the two aren’t from any well-endowed families, just working class people. “See, TV got everyone fooled” he says “hip-hop started with people that wanted to be heard… not folks wanting attention—” he takes a few chews and blurts out, “…but I got something to say.”

With Christian upbringing being common in the southern states, the two have a powerful belief system in God. Their inspiration also includes music from the genres of pop, gospel, rock, R&B, and of course the many hip-hoppers before them. One thing that also sticks out is that ST believes in good music, naming many phenomenal artists such as Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, and Slum Village, as favorites in their collective libraries (and the list of inspiration goes on and on). They know, however, that it takes more than good music to make their mark from home. “Music is only the half,” says Kwofi “this is still Alabama.” The issues of economy, morality and modern day racism all help fuel the fire to speak out. The state of music in general is what fuels their fire to be different; their lives, loved ones and listeners fuel the fire to do their best. “Be prepared,” says D-Tech. “We’re bringing something different. Not conscious music, but honest music”.
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