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Square Pig
Square Pig

California, United States

Electronic / Alternative

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Square Pig isn't a garage band exactly. It's more of a small office band. It's hard to say exactly when we began writing music. It was probably sometime around 1994. Really, Square Pig is a hobby that evolved into a band. We began with a shareware midi program and a dream.

Ok, we were really just goofing around. But every 3 years or so, we would upgrade to slightly better equipment and the midi tracks slowly became more and more professional. We first went from a shareware program and a midrange pc ( I think it was a 286), to a $50 program called Digital Orchestrator which we then piped through a Yamaha keyboard (to improve instrument quality) and back into another PC for recording.

From there, we upgraded again to a $500 wavetable based soundcard by Turtle Beach. This allowed us to create truly professional sounding music with crisp and clear audio that mimicked real instruments, but still left the major hurdle of recording. Outputting audio to another pc often left us with lossy and somewhat static laden tracks.

It wasn't until the turn of the century and the advent of a relatively cheap (yet surprisingly high powered) audio program known as Reason that we were truly able to achieve the quality Audio that we felt necessary to bring our music to the public at large.

So please, buy a few of our songs so that we can afford to upgrade again.


Square Pig

P.S. Our songs are now available on iTunes!!!
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