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Money Moves (feat. Blackz Nover)
#841 in HipHop / Rap SongVault Certified
Money Moves (feat. Blackz Nover)
HipHop / Rap
Length: 5:11
On Network Since Feb 6, 2020
Sparkles Wrld
SongVault Certified Artist Sparkles Wrld

Limpopo, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / House

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I was Born Elias Nare on 12 March 1998 in Musina, Limpopo. Started composing my own music in 2013. As I improved my skills I Produced for over 50 local artists, and others like tyrell whose an International artist from Canada on his March Madness Ep. Worked on projects with international Payla Pro Studios, and now currently a producer and manager at One Love Studios located In Musina. In 2015 I was giving an opportunity by my community municipality to perform at the Annual Show which had the likes of Busiswe, Ricky Rick & K.O. In the following year I further Performed with the likes of Prince Kaybee & Okmalumekoolkat at the MusiqRun at Shuma Park. The journey continued till I enrolled in Varsity in 2018 and 2019 I Performed for a charity event hosted by Musina Local Radio Station. I'm still looking forward to grow my fanbase and work on many projects with different artists around the globe.
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