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#115 in Folk SongVault Certified
New Acoustic
Length: 4:01
On Network Since Feb 7, 2009
Souly Acoustic
SongVault Certified Artist Souly Acoustic

British Columbia, Canada

New Acoustic / Folk

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Singer/songwriter Souly Acoustic was born in British Columbia and raised in Ontario, Canada and California, USA. He has been singing since the young age of 8 and taught himself to play the guitar at age 12. After being the lead singer of the cover band, 'Poor Man's Copyright', and performed between the provinces over a grueling tour schedule, he decided to venture on his own and headed back home to British Columbia to reinvent and compose his own material. Over the years, Souly Acoustic submitted demos of his music in hopes of receiving a record deal. He performed at coffee shops, pubs and open mic nights around the Lower Mainland to develop his gift as a solo artist and songwriter. However, by accident, he met the founder of Blue Fire Entertainment Ltd. at the Vancouver International Airport, became part of the BFE family and is currently working on his first solo CD.
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