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Alabama, United States

HipHop / Rap / Dirty South

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Phenomenon, C-Savage, D-Best & Code are the foursome that make up the group entitled “SOUFSYDE”. Soufsyde as a group, is taking Hip Hop and the rap game back to its’ original origin, when Hip Hop was music for the soul. With their hot new single “The Heart of a Hustler”, Soufsyde is placing the bar high for other rappers to follow. With their roots embedded from the bottom of the map (Birmingham, Alabama), its’ been a long road for the Soufsyders. Since 1994, Soufsyde has earn their street credit on the underground music scene and there are making there are climbing their way the mainstream. In 2002, the original members of Soufsyde, Phenomenon and C-Savage were looking for the missing links of the group, and stumble upon the two of the talented lyrical artists Birmingham has ever seen, Code & D-Best. With the classic group being completed, Soufsyde has taken their Hip Hop hustle to the next level. Soufsyde’s classic music is found on numerous quality mixtapes, which includes, “Unsigned Hustle: The Saga”, “Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 2 by Def Jam’s DJ DMA & DJ Domination”. Soufsyde’s growing fan base, is anticipating the hottest mixtape of the summer “Welcome to the Soufsyde”, which will be dropping this summer. The authentic Hip Hop group, has shared the stage with many of the Entertainment Industry’s A-List Artists, like: T.I., P.$.C., Master P, The Last Mr. Biggs, Eightball & MJG, & Young Jeezy (Just to name a few). Also, Soufsyde is in the making of mixing the classic ingredients for their album entitled, “ The Movement”, which will make its’ debut in the Fall of 2007. With all eyes on Soufsyde, the group’s hot new single “ Heart of a Hustler” is moving and gaining fans all over the Southeast with their Classic Lyrics and Southern Charm. Soufsyde is a breath of fresh air to industry and is taking Hip Hop to the next level of quality & classic music. In the words of the group...SOUFSYDE OUT!
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