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Some Kinda Frantic Scene
Some Kinda Frantic Scene

norway, Norway

Electronic / Chill

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The phrase ‘some kinda frantic scene’ comes from a bootlegged studio outtake from Brian Wilson’s ‘Smile’ sessions… which says a lot about the music that Some Kinda Frantic Scene make - whilst the essence is electronic music in the style of Røyksopp, Air and Boards of Canada, it is also heavily influenced by the baroque pop, big chords and melody of the 60s and 70s.

SKFS also take a good deal of inspiration from certain elements of modern Japanese electronica, including the use of non-electronic sounds both live and sampled. The work of such artists as Gutevolk, Kazumasa Hashimoto, Takagi Masaakatsu, Yasushi Yoshida and Matryoshka have been influential in the making of their most recent productions

And so, the first completed body of work is a semi-conceptual blend of Norway and Japan - ‘Kyotooslo’. A journey through early mornings to dizzy twilights, from the clash of urbanity to the space of the open country.

The tracks are diverse and range from simple quiet beautiful atmospherics to chunky beats and fast-breaking tones.

SKFS are based in Oslo, Norway and currently looking for a label.
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