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All Songs Bang Bang Joe Norman - Solo
#174 in Country SongVault Certified
Joe Norman - Solo
Classic Country
Length: 3:56
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Lone Star Angel
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Lone Star Angel
Bang Bang
Contemporary Country
Length: 4:23
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Bang Bang
#184 in Country SongVault Certified
Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Contemporary Country
Length: 3:57
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Old Glory
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Old Glory
Bang Bang
Contemporary Country
Length: 3:52
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Endless Highway - Harley Song
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Endless Highway - Harley Song
Bang Bang
Hard Rock
Length: 4:24
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Fire 'N Ice
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Fire 'N Ice
Bang Bang
Contemporary Blues
Length: 6:18
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Smokin Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens
SongVault Certified Artist Smokin Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens

Texas, United States

Hard Rock / Contemporary Country

Listen to Smokin Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens
Five of the most talented local rock musicians got together to do a benefit at a local bar, for a good friend. They had so much fun, they decided to form a band.

Together they became Smokin' Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens. Joe Norman, aka Smokin Joe Thunder, the singer and writer of the songs, has a huge deep rich voice that cuts through and hooks you on his entertaining, forceful and even soul penetrating lyrics. The next thing you know, you along for the ride. It could be a crazy insanely funny ride, or it might just rip your heart out and leave you bleeding the blues.

We've been told that SJT listeners will keep going back for more. That's what these tunes are designed to do. I mean, what's the point in creating BORING music???

These tunes WILL ROCK YOUR BRAINS OUT because Bum White on drums, Richard Redfearn - on bass guitar, Dearl Guest - on lead / rhythm guitar and Josh Pinkham - on lead/rhythm guitar, all cut their teeth playing Metal.

This is what you get when you mesh Texas Blues licks, and Hard Rock rhythms and Southern Metal shredding with Outlaw Country/Southern Rock style lyrics that can fit a whole tale into one song.

It's like .38 Special meets Black Label Society.

Playing "less loud" doesn't work for them.

This band brings the dueling rock guitar to the forefront and it defies the borders of Southern Rock, Southern Metal, Blues Rock and Southern Blues.

They are not one, they are all.

If you like any of these "genres" you are probably going to like this band!

The sound is addictive.

Those who become true fans, just can't get enough!

Now for a word about recording.... the songs were recorded over a period of years, at different times, at different studios creating unique challenges to pulling all the material together for one album. Now we finally have a solution! LIVE TRAX owned by Gabe Norman aka "Baby Smoke" is re-recording parts and remixing everything to give us the continuity needed to finally release a quality album that has been begging for release. Hang in there with us and it will happen!

If you are lucky enough to be on the East Coast and you need your music recorded, LIVE TRAX will give you sound the best you could ask for and they will record you LIVE!

Official Band Members: Joe Norman - vocals/acoustic electric guitar , Bum White-drums, Richard Redfearn - bass guitar, Josh Pinkham-lead and rhythm guitar, Dearl Guest-lead and rhythm guitar. From time to time, we like to feature a few other No Good Frens who are also smokin' hot guitarists.

Who is this guy who wrote all this amazingly badass music? "Smokin' Joe" Thunder was born as Joe Norman in "Deep East Texas", the land of Johnny Winters (may he RIP), Edgar Winters, Janis Joplin, and Bugs Henderson. Joe grew up near the Angelina River, where he would go to hear Johnny play "across the river" in the late 1960's. Further south from Angelina County lies the Gulf Coast where more legends, like ZZ Top could he heard in their early days. It was a rich and historical time for southern blues and southern rock development. These experiences are burned into the core of Joe's being and make his creative talents especially unique as you will no doubt hear in his music (or was it perhaps just too much exposure to that East Texas smoke back in the 70's??).

The current 12 song project is in the works and there are 12 more songs already written for a follow up CD some of which are as side splitting hilarious as they are rockin' and smokin'.

Special thanks to blues brother, MARK KERR [ ] for his smokin' hot guitar work on Lone Star Angel and the second solo on Bang Bang!

Joe's arrangements are geared toward showcasing the insanely talented guitarists that are a part of his real 'no good frens'. These guys are anything BUT 'no good'.

A week of recording was done at Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, TN. A finished CD is in process Produced by Joe Norman and Co-Produced by Gabe Norman. In the meantime, if ya don't mind a bit of a more raw sound, you can stream the tunes here on ReverbNation. If you like what you hear, we hope you will come back and listen again, and share what you like with yor own real no good frens. Occasionally we will select songs for fans to download FREE. Leave a comment to let us know which one is your fav and we might choose that one to make free. The tunes are already written for CD #2, and plans are to begin recording these as soon as the first one is released. If you want to be notified when the CD is officially released, be sure to join our MAILING LIST.

BIG thanks to DIXIE OUTFITTERS for permission to reuse their designs! and for preserving our southern heritage.
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