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Slippery When Wet
Slippery When Wet

Arizona, United States

Hard Rock / Electric Blues

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Crank up this 21st century classic rock and rock blues feast of haunting vocals and solid rhythm guitar dished out by Linda Vee Sado and served up with an explosion of juicy leads courtesy of Count Von Shadow that will leave you humming for more...

Deemed as
Hard Rockin' Blues with impassioned guitar playing and vocals

They have also been accused of being New Wave, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Gothic and Cutting Edge

Slippery When Wet is more than just another rock & roll and blues band, it is the offspring of fate. After years of drifting around from band to band, Linda in Chicago and the Phoenix area, Von Shadow in his native Arizona, and never finding quite the right combination of musicians, both wearily packed away their dreams.

Ironically, they had crossed paths before, but were involved with different bands, never played together and lost track of each other.

But it was surely Kismet because ten years later they ran into each other at a book store and within two years they were married, playing and composing again and ripped out 26 songs. Ten of their favorites were chosen for the debut album, Motel Boy.

If you are a hard core classic 70s and 80s party rock & blues fan, Slippery When Wet will satisfy your deepest cravings.
Linda's cool, melodic voice has plenty of attitude running the gambit from angelic to devilish and possesses a uniqueness all her own.
Her solid rhythms provided by a classic roaring 79 Les Paul is the perfect backdrop for the colorful, juicy leads of Count Von Shadow's vintage 1980 Flying Vee and this band will transport you to a universe of rock manna.

If you are a music purist who appreciates genuine guitar technic and the live sound,, this band uses no effect pedals and does not overdub vocals.

Von Shadow is the caliber of lead guitarist with that natural wah sound that inspired the development of effects makers.

And things never get boring with Slippery When Wet. The lead vocals on, "Lost Dutchman's Mine," a true gold miners ghost story and "OAO," a tale of the demise of the dinosaur, are performed by the sexy growl of Count Von Shadow.
Often compared to Metallica's lead singer, his voice brings the neighborhood females running when this band practices in their home grown studio.

Both are also thriller, sci-fi, horror writers with Ms Vee Sado having published under a pen name and the spine tingling, sci fi tune, "Abduction" inspired by living in a "ufo sightings" hot spot showcases the incredible versatility of this band.
"Young Studs" (in black leather) and "Motel Boy" reveal the provocative workings of the female mind and go where no woman has dared go before.
Their fab sense of black humor and writing backgrounds add exceptional story telling properties to their songs.
And if that's not enough, don't be surprised to hear Linda Vee Sado and Count Von Shadow ripping out a battling duo of lead guitars on their upcoming albums.
The energy between these two will electrify you.
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