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Santa Fe
New Mexico, United States

New Age / Electronic

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A California resident of German origin, the composer and multi-instrumentalist Sky (born 1956) heard the music of Deuter and Kitaro for the first time at the end of the 1970s in Japan, during one of his many world travels. Impressed, he developed the desire to compose this sort of music himself. However, as a trained guitarist, he realized that his instrument was fairly limited for this kind of purpose and, back in Germany, purchased a Synthesizer. He began to experiment, mixing his preference for classical music such as Vivaldi with his new musical achievements.
In 1985 he emigrated to Marin County and managed to establish his own studio there, releasing his first album, Dreams, in 1988. Motivated by encouraging reviews, his second album quickly followed: Born in Silence, a CD that displayed Sky's diverse talents and multifaceted musical interests, from classical Baroque music to symphonic rock, from oriental hued meditation to lively pop and folk music.
In 1991 the astonishing album Beyond Passion appeared; the compositions of Sky had matured and crystalized into a definitely individual form. The CD was received with glowing praise; Musical Starstreams listed it among the Top 20 albums for the year. This successful path was followed up in 1993 by the strong, imaginatively appealing Khemennu, Land of the moon. As a gesture of gratitude, the edge of the CD was embellished with a prayer. Sky compared the function to that of a Tibetan prayer-wheel: Each turn of the CD would release a prayer for the benefit of the listener. “Oh mother of Heart, allow me, please afford me the memory of time, so that I can feel myself all the way through and become all that I am, that also includes you...” (“Earthprayer,” Khemennu, Land of the moon).
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