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Florida, United States

Glam / Hard Rock

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Tommy Krash is a reclusive glam-metal guitarist/vocalist who has played in several bands going back to the late 80's. Most recently, Tommy filled in on lead guitar on the Summer 2007 Britny Fox American tour. Tommy played rhythm guitar for the group Gun Shy, a New Jersey based metal band that released After Dark, an album produced by Michael Kelly Smith of Britny Fox. He also played lead guitar for American Sugar Bitch, also of New Jersey.

Krash has provided lead guitar/lead vocals for his group, Sinn, for the past eight years. Sinn is considered a hard rock band influenced by glam and sleaze-metal. Sinn has recorded two albums including 2005's Jailbait and 2007's Can't Leave You Alone. For a brief period of time, Sinn was known as "Dead Star Factory" but creative differences sidetracked the band's original intent and Krash reverted the name. The band has had many lineup changes over the years, the only other constant member being bassist Mick Spacy. There have even been times where Spacy has quit/been fired but has always been part of the active lineup. Drummers have included Al Hoke, Matthew Scott, Jim Jones, and Johnny Tuscedero though Al Hoke has never recorded with the band nor played live. Only Scott and Tuscedero have played live with the band and drummer Jim Jones is slated to rejoin the band once again for future performances as a power-trio.

Principle songwriters Tommy Krash and Mick Spacy recently confirmed that they are writing songs for a new album which negate rumors that the two have folded the band for good.

Tommy has recently released a solo cd with digital label, HHMM and produced a track for Vin Colella's upcoming release.

Other recent projects include an acoustic record of Britny Fox songs with Billy Childs and Tommy Paris. The record has yet to be released.
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