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Virginia, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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SiNcerely Yours is my album which depicts my emotions and experiences from the summer of 2007. Cohesively put together, this is a real ALBUM and not just a collection of songs.I feel that I've grown musically and lyrically making this album. Topics range from relationships, drug use, and politics among others. The album starts off rather jazzy with my intro and goes into "Did you Ever", a conflicted song about passionate love. (with an extra verse)
After we get back together she always has to "Bring Me Down" whereas i do the same to her so she 'Keeps Pushing Me" because of my "Secret Love" with my drug of choice and my ensueing regrets. Then its time to move on and find someone new as i search the world on "Where Are You?" . But in the middle of trying to find someone who may not exist I ask the question "Who Am I?". Where i go inside myself and examine certain events i cant control but attempt to. Which leads me to take a hard look at my environment and find out "Who We Are". The description of a corrupt county quickly going under. I battle with my anger and toy with American fear on "Black Man in a Hood" over a dark piano tinged melody packed full of percussion. Leading me to ask "How Many'?" drugs are enough to ease my rapid fire angry battle rhymes hitting you over a raw, vinyl sampled track. The final album cuts find me ending the letter with my take on America,the world as a whole and with a few final stories that you will never forget :D

Available digitally Dec 22nd for $5.99
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