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Arizona, Finland


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Black Microfiber Synthetic Leather for Backpack Leather supplier in China!
WINIW microfiber synthetic leather also called microfiber leather, is 100% man made pu faux leather, eco friendly, looks and feels the same as real leather, high physical and chemical performance, superior durability, is the highest quality Eco Vegan Leather and best quality PU leather, the optimal leather substitute material for backpack leather!
Features of WINIW Microfiber Synthetic Leather for Backpack:
High stiffeness, can keep the backpack shape very well.
High strength as leather.
Light weight.
Eco friendly.
Specification of WINIW Microfiber Synthetic Leather for Backpack:
thickness: 1.4-1.6mm.
width: 1.37m (54").
color: Black, Brown, Beige, Red, or customized.
origin: China.
MOQ: 1000 meters.
Some pictures of WINIW Black Microfiber Synthetic Leather for Backpack Leather:
WINIW supply high quality synthetic backpack leather, backpack purse leather, PU bag leather material, travel bag leather, and various high quality microfiber synthetic leather, PU leather and faux leather for bags, handbags, luggage, suitcase, backpack, purse, belt, and other leather accessories, etc.Bags Leather Made in China
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