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In Theory
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In Theory
Lightbulbs and Lunatics
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Shock Of The Cold
SongVault Certified Artist Shock Of The Cold

Royal Oak, U.S.A

Rock / Alternative

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Shock Of The Cold formed in Michigan, USA, in late August 2004. Originally comprised of Sean, on guitar and vocals, Dave on drums and Jim, whom based in the U.K, wrote the words.

Members came and went, songs were recorded and something close to a style was found but not fully realised until Vito, on piano, Ian on the Bass and Ryan on lead guitar and backing vocals, hooked up with the original three.

With Jim continuing to pen often nonsensical yet revealing lyrics from the comfort of his home in England, the guys in the USA set about honing their sound, lo-fi blues, jazz, rock.

In early 2008,both Vito and Ryan sadly left the band due to work and personal reasons.This has led to a change in Shock's style.Sean,Dave and Ian are currently playing as a trio,with a much rawer,heavier sound,they hope to unleash by the summer,till then the world will have to wait.
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