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Shawndrell Hampton
Shawndrell Hampton

Alabama, United States

Urban / Soul

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Born Shawndrell Robinson, a Birmingham Local, Singer/Songwriter, and also an actress, Shawndrell has been singing, writing and acting since she could talk. Shawndrell has been deemed determined to make her dreams of being a professional, and successful singer/songwriter come true. Shawndrell is in the process of creating her debut R&B/Pop Album entitled “The Alpha Diamond” set to be released Summer 2011… She recently released her hot new single from the album entitled "Dance Song” that received over 2500 views ( in its first month! The song also has airplay on Shawndrell is a multi-talented and gifted artist whose songwriting abilities are rated among the best R&B Upcoming artist has to offer. In the past, Shawndrell played the lead role of “Mary” in a fresh yet breathtaking drama entitled “Motherless Child” written and directed by new comer "Joyce Y. Penn". Her rendition of "Mary" left people trembling and wanting more! Shawndrell also received superior reviews from her live performance of “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” (Aretha Franklin) @ "The Stardome Comedy Club" located in Birmingham, Alabama for "Rory and Riff Raffs Show". Later, Shawndrell hosted (independently) a Pre-Christmas Show/After Party, where she and her band performed a series of popular Christmas/R&B Songs Live @ "DK’s/SSMC Warehouse" located in Birmingham, Alabama; where she held a "Toys for Tots" drive as well. She also made guest appearances @ "Steppers and Walkers" for "Emory the Kidd and Band" and also @ "Birmingham Race Course" for "Stacy Dee", R&B Recording Artist. Recently, Shawndrell released her first cd (single) entitled "The Alpha Diamond Single" (album is for sale locally and pending popular internet distribution sites). Right now she is working with her own band called "Cool Gravity" and is in beginning preparations of a 10 City Southern Tour... Keep your eyes open for "The Alpha Diamond" Tour, Coming Spring/Summer 2011.
© 2010 Shawndrell
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