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Shawn Crosby
Shawn Crosby

Pennsylvania, United States

Alternative / Indie Rock

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Hailing from the Pittsburgh Pa area. I write and record about 1-4 songs a week and a variety of genres...LISTEN! THE STANDARD EFFIN' BIO:
WHO IS SHAWN CROSBY? Shawn started playing music at age 4. Of the many instruments Shawn plays, piano was the first at the young age of 4 years old. Later the guitar was picked up. My dad played and taught me many things and more than that was very supportive as well. With just turning 34 Shawn has taken his music to a whole new level. Writing and recording an average of 3-5 songs per week and playing constantly takes it toll at times. Shawn gave up music after a short lived recording contract and some time on the road in 1991. I was burned out, disappointed and angry and felt it was time to let it go. In 2003 Shawn bought an acoustic guitar and started writing again.

Soon shows were played. It has not been easy I will admit. Playing in bars where nobody cared I was there and certainly had no interest in my original compositions at all. Time went on and I began to try to build a base of loyal listeners who would understand the music and welcome it. Another road that was less than easy. It is finally starting to change really and I could not be more excited During 2003 the demos for Darker Days were recorded into a four track. The Title Darker Days comes from the frame of mind during the writing of the material. The first CD sold was American Ego in 2003, followed by The Hours Alone also sold in 2003. When I play those songs from that period I just smile inside, I remember how hard of a time that was for me and how far Ive come now. Airplay has been growing with college and regular radio as well.

My Life and moods. Time moves as does my writing. The sound of love-hate-depression and violence crashing together at 4 am. A life of madness and trials. A life of learning mixed with let downs, let ups, break ups and break downs. The violins of life play the part as we dance to the waltz set before us in fate for the longing of better things and and an easier existence. We move quickly through this place. My songs are the map and journals of my experience they will remain when I am gone. Listened to or not matters not..they are mine. Keep the ones you like, share the ones you love and throw away the ones you hate......we all find ourselves alone in time.
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