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Around You
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Around You
The Moon and The Fire Circle
Length: 2:52
On Network Since Jan 17, 2008
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Length: 6:45
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I'm Dirty
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I'm Dirty
Desert Tune
Alternative Folk
Length: 3:17
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Shauna Burns
SongVault Certified Artist Shauna Burns

Las Vegas
Nevada, United States

Alternative Folk / Singer/Songwriter

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Anamnesis is pianist/singer/songwriter Shauna Burns� next work to be released under Red Rock Music in April 2009. This 5 song EP is the continuation of The Moon and the Fire Circle and the next step in her musical journey. Anamnesis, which means "recollection" or "remembrance", focuses on the senses that live in our memories. "Music is a trigger for things we remember," Shauna explains. "Each of the songs on Anamnesis represents one of the senses." The first song on the EP is titled "Smell" ...its reference is obvious. "A Letter" embraces the gift of sight, "Wind" references touch, "Driving Far" taste, and "So Tell Me�" our sense of hearing. The new album is full of Shauna�s trademark piano and vocals, James Clark on drums and percussion, Steve Lemmon on guitar and bass, Ryan Tilby on mandolin and dobro, Kiley Astle on violin and Steve Nelson on cello.

Shauna�s latest release in 2008, The Moon and the Fire Circle, was a fusion of the dark and light sides of the soul. It was a journey from the light to the dark and back to the light again. The Promise Live cheers: �With her ethereal voice, spacious arrangements and lots of piano, you can't help but become enchanted with The Moon and The Fire Circle.� And Southwest Blend acclaims that �Shauna Burns is a phenomenal talent, and the music on this album will take any listener on a journey that will connect one�s inner soul to the universe.� Now the journey continues�

Shauna's ethereal vocals and beautiful piano developed while growing up in Miami, Florida. Inspired by her mother's love for the piano, her songwriting thrived and when she headed west for college and her music met cheers and enthusiastic recognition. After receiving�a bachelor's degree�in Anthropology at the University of Utah, Shauna spent a year in Europe preparing�her debut album. Released under Red Rock music in 2005 Every Thought was the foothold that lifted this talented pianist and singer to critical acclaim. �Beautiful cascading piano [and] ethereal vocals� a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect.� States Shauna's songwriting extension to Every Thought�was her 2006 follow up EP�release entitled, Desert Tune.

Shauna has embarked on multiple vigorous tours since 2006 with over 75 shows and appearances stretching from coast to coast in the U.S. and the U.K. More tour dates will be announced for 2009.

�Around You�, the first single from The Moon and the Fire Circle, reached number 7 on the FMQB AC Chart, was one of WCH Radio�s �Top Songs for 2008� and reached number 1 on �Song Vault Radio�. The Moon and the Fire Circle was selected �Best of 2008� by Collected Sounds and The Promise Live. Radio Crystal Blue also chose Shauna as one of the �Top Recording Artists of the Year 2008�.

Shauna's debut CD, Every Thought was selected as one of the Top CD's of 2005 by Collected Sounds and the single,��Pink Girl�, was chosen as the number1 single from the MAACP show. The album was chosen for �Best of the Batch� from the Music Industry News Network and featured on, Billboard, VH1, Artist Direct, AOL Music, Fox TV and countless others.

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