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I'm Afraid
#636 in Rock SongVault Certified
I'm Afraid
Sharon Paquette
Length: 3:13
On Network Since Jan 24, 2008
Sharon Paquette
SongVault Certified Artist Sharon Paquette

Las Vegas
Nevada, United States

Rock / Pop

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Combining haunting melodies reminiscent of Evanescence and the grittiness of blues singer-songwriter Joss Stone, Sharon Paquette showcases a voice that exhibits rich tonal confidence. Her fresh and honest lyrics cut the soul and breathe new life into relevant themes of hope and perseverance. Having grown up in Windsor, Ontario, across the motor-city Detroit, Sharon’s environment inspired her to dream big, yet her songs carry a down-to-earth sexiness of an ‘everywoman’.

Unlike many singers, Sharon has studied voice, classical singing, music theory, and composition at the University of Windsor. Having sung both opera and gospel, Sharon truly has a comprehensive understanding of what good music sounds like. For 10 years she taught this skill as a music teacher privately and at the Durham District School Board in Ontario, focusing on instrumental music, voice, and songwriting. She also taught many song-writing workshops through the S.A.S.S. organization, co-founded by Dale Russell of the Guess Who (“American Woman”).

Education, however, was not her only passion. In 2007, Sharon put together her first demo, which features the heartfelt “Your Girl” and the heart wrenching “I’m Afraid”. Recorded at the acclaimed Armoury Recording Studios, operated by producer Bruce Fairburn’s family in Vancouver, B.C. Working alongside Don Mcleod (producer, co-writer), Murray Atkinson (guitar) and Tobi Duquette (drums) the demo showcases her mature vocal abilities and the alluring sincerity in her lyrics. The full-length album, is slated for a 2008 release.

Sharon Paquette
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