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Shadows End
Shadows End

South Carolina, United States

Metal / Hard Rock / Hard Rock

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Shadows End has been entertaining in the Southeast ( U.S.) since 2007. Based out of
the Upstate Region of South Carolina, the band is comprised of individuals who are passionate about their music and enjoy entertaining a crowd
We Are an Original Hard Rock Band

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3438 Stone Station Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29306.

Donnie - Lead Vocals ** Corey - Lead Guitar ** James - Rhythm Guitar ** Corey - Bass Guitar ** Junior - Drums, Backing Vocals ** Leslie - Photographer, Nurse, Hired Muscle

The music is 100% live - NO "pre-recorded" canned music ; NO sampling or looping ; not that there's anything wrong with samplng or looping ...... we just prefer to play the music ourselves as opposed to letting technology play it for us.
Upstate Unsigned has our music now so everyone needs to turn your radio to newrock 93.3
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