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settegrani fabrizio
settegrani fabrizio

como, Italy

Alternative Folk / Indie Pop

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a brand new project for the Settegrani brothers (Fabrizio – lead vocal and acoustic guitar, Flavio – bass, and Mauro – electric guitar, Luca De Alberti – drums, Alessandro ‘Tziu’ Melis – percussions, Raffaele Kohler – trumpet) with the album produced togheter with Ivan Ciccarelli and Massimo Faggioni, named: “a spasso coi tempi” They start a wide ranging journey, as they say: “New songs and new ideas, mix of influences and acoustic instruments bring to metropolitan stories, cross-border meetings, simple and true affairs, dreams singed with passion, pictures of a decadent and confused age, from the rich world of TV to the real life, unstable and overflowing of suggestions,… and, on the background, simply love…” The 7grani’s band has seen the light in 2003 and it has collected the experiences of 10 years of stage with other musical situations The Settegrani brothers have previously produced two albums (the band was called “Trinità”) and they had the chance to perform live in special events, in Italy and abroad, as for example in the “Sounds of Europe” in Eriagen (Nuremberg ‘98), in Italian festivals (opening at Alvin Lee, Mercanti di Liquore, Francesco Baccini, Vallanzaska, The Smoke&Zoe, Maurizio Solieri, Negramaro…). They are also very sensitive in many humanitarians project.
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