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Secret Aging Men
Secret Aging Men

Georgia, United States

Fusion / Instrumental Rock

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NEW ! ! ! Spring 2007 CD release: "NIGHT MOWING" by SECRET AGING MEN

14 Tracks , 54 min:21 sec Total Mowing Time

Recorded and Produced by Secret Aging Men / Independently Released April 23, 2007

Night Mowing is the 3rd, and newest, CD from Secret Aging Men and continues the group's musical evolvement from where their popular 2nd CD, Fully Functional, released in January, 2006, left off.

Every track on Night Mowing clearly indicates that this quartet's passion for writing, rehearsing, and performing dynamic fusion instrumentals has led them to yet another level of achievement. After listening through the 14 tracks on Night Mowing, you will be convinced that these secret aging guys have not only been polishing their overall sound, but have augmented their music's depth and diversity. . .
All this while retaining many elements of the freer form thematic openness exhibited in their previous release, Fully Functional in 2006.

Note: To all aficionados of fusion instrumentals . . . . put this CD in your player, don your favorite headphones, turn the volume up, and prepare for an hour full of great new fusion themes and variations that will guide you as you mow your way to some cool new cerebral vacation spots . . .

Find out more about how to purchase the CD at
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