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Sean Garr
Sean Garr

New York, United States

Dance Pop / House

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Sean "Sean Garr" Inglis was born on April 9th, 1982 in the city of Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica. Sean comes from a family where everyone is musically talented and plays a musical instrument or sings. Growing up as a child, Sean's family always influenced music in everything that they did. Whether it was gathering at family outings, special holidays or just breaking out in song every so often. His musical interest started off with him when his mother took him to his first piano lesson. After the first day, Sean wanted to learn as much as he could about the piano and the different sounds it made as well as the different kinds of music and melodies that could be played on it. Soon after he started playing the piano, his singing came right into play; like it was meant to be. Sean Garr is a very eclectic person, so he didn't only play the piano, but he also dabbled in many different instruments such as the recorder and trumpet. They only lasted for about 2 years, but he kept on playing the piano. Later in his childhood Sean did enter a few contests where he had used his musical talents in the talent round of the contest. Unfortunately he didn't win any of the contests, but it gave him the drive to push on harder to perfect his talent. He did have many other interests as a child. Two of them were painting and horse-back riding which he still does from time to time today.


Sean really started getting into music later on as he was growing up. In listening to the different genres of music; he obtained a feel for the melodies and the beats that came with them as well as the artists who sang them. He had a feeling that he too could bring excitement, energy and joy to people with his music if he choose to become a musician, but he was not focused enough as a young adolescence to pursue it. After graduating from the State University of New York at Old Westbury, Sean felt that he had the proper tools to start off his music career, but it would take a lot of focus and hard work to see anything develop. There were many moments that Sean felt like giving up, but he had too much heart to just quit. The love of his family and the giving of their blessing to him, made him a lot stonger and enpowered him to continue his dream in becoming a successful musician. Sean is also a strong supporter of the ICC or Invisible Children Corporation that aids in rescuing children in Uganda that are taken away from their homes and are trained to be child soldiers that carry loaded weapons, and are not afraid to die. Sean says that children no matter where they are from should not have the right to be treated that way at all. He urges that people take some time off and donate some money or even buy a hand made bracelet which is only $20.00. The bracelets are made in Uganda and come in different colors which represent different feelings such as innocense and grace. You can find out more information on the invisible children website


At this point in time, Sean Garr is still a developing recording artist who has absolute faith that he will do well in the music industry. Sean see's what other artists have gone through to get to where they are in their career, and he is dedicated all the way to obtain that same goal. The type of music that Sean sings is a genre called House/Techno. This genre of music has many other known artists who sing to this style. Such artists include Lucas Prada "Let's Get It On", Cascada "Miracle", Basshunter "When Your Gone", and even Rihanna "Please Don't Stop The Music". This genre of music is developing on a very rapid scale and is not only popular in the U.S but also in many countries around the globe such as England, Germany, Australia, Japan, just to name a few. Sean's says that his ultimate goal is to be a successful musician and to make people happy by getting them to listen to his music which in turn will get them dancing and having fun. Fans can look forward in hearing some great new lyrics and music in the near future from Sean. Next on Sean's agenda is the promotion of his single and the continuation of his music career.
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