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Your songs about me
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Scott Kline
SongVault Certified Artist Scott Kline

Indiana, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Indie Rock

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Scott Kline

Scott Kline's alt-rock with a tinge of blues is full of groovy hooks and tight melodies to grab even the most jaded listener. Rich songwriting and distinct artistic personality make for music that's guaranteed fan-winning material. Kline's a natural talent manifests in songs that are atmospheric and evocative. Lyrically, Kline poetically touches on the human element in particularly poignant ways. The whole package is music whose power stems from mesmerizing instrumentation and unique vocal delivery.

My Soul

It's no wonder Kline's music is as evocative as it is. Music is the artistic focus of Kline's life, the place where his spirit unfolds. “Music is how I express my soul even when I cannot find the words or define in my mind what is going on.” Kline's music is sublime, capturing the sort of beyond-words pieces of the human spirit and translating them into music the spirit can touch, through which the listener can find catharsis. “Music almost always releases me from anger or sadness ... at the same time it is often the one part of my life that brings a smile to my life.”


Kline strives to capture a strong flavor of mood in all his songs. That is one of the central factors of music, he says. “Music expresses moods. The words, the key, the rhythm and the melody all work together to go beyond simple emotions or stories.” He pushes beyond cookie cutter songwriting to create music that ripples with profundity and has something deeper to say than mere words. Mood is an important part of Kline's sound. “By expressing a mood, music can affect, effect, impact and influence the listener so that the listener is different that he or she was before hearing that music.” Kline believes music can help people find change in their lives; in fact, that's one of music's main purposes. “If music does not accomplish that in some way, it is just noise.”


To find the poignancy for his music, Kline starts by turning to the everyday, to the sorts of things all of us can relate to. “I write about life and from my experience both in regular life and my music life.” By combining a foundation of common existence and the specific appeal of the artistic life, Kline creates songs that have the pull of the familiar as well as a touch of the fascinating.

The Artist at Work

Kline's relationship with music extends back to childhood. “I have been a classical trombonist since I was a child and that is combined with anything from 90s alternative, 70s classic rock, Americana music growing up later and blues and jazz during my time in college.” Kline will be opening for Blessed Union of Souls in May and has a tour of the Midwest planned. He typically plays with a full band for live performances, often with a rotating membership. He is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Scott Kline adds a fascinating and unique voice to the world of rock.” - A&R Select
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