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sarah thiele
sarah thiele

Las Vegas
Nevada, United States

Pop / Singer/Songwriter

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It all started sometime in 1985, Sarah Thiele was three years old Her parents, Laura and Michael heard an unrecognizable sound from the living room. When they turned off the record player, the sound did not subside. Though soft, it was clearly and undeniable the sound of music, coming from the upright piano in the corner of the living room. It could have been rare enough that a thee year old child was teaching herself to play. But this child was not only picking out a melody, but a melody which, just moments before had been singing out over the stereo. From that moment on Sarah had the unrelenting support and dedication that her parents could give. They knew she was a child of music.

Many years of searching and several piano teachers later, Sarah was introduced into the study of Louise Hill, a private Suzuki piano instructor in the nearby town of Flagstaff, Arizona. For eight years, Laura and Michael drove the two hour round trip up the canyon from Sedona, for Sarah's studies. Though willing and able, the trip became tedious and pointless, for the concerts, auditions, and competitions seemed to require several trips each week in addition to dismissal from Sarah's school study. A move would provide the means to study both musically, and academically without interruption. In the summer of 1993, the Thiele family made their move to the town of Flagstaff, as Sarah entered her first year of middle school.

As the next few years passed, Sarah studied intensely with Louise, competing, performing, and writing more then ever before, soon receiving a citywide nickname as "the child with perfect pitch." During those years, she took on a personal style and definition uniquely unto her own. Though her writing had been an obvious focus, there had never before been a reason to pursue, or study with a purpose. Now, at the age of thirteen, Sarah was intensely writing in song, periodic instrumentation by and through form, recognizing and analyzing pieces that, at the time, she should have not been capable of processing. Quickly, her ability to recognize keys, theoretical change, balance and counterbalance between instruments became so strong that she enrolled in an advanced level theory course at the local university: NAU, at the age of fifteen.

After high school, Sarah pursued a prior scholarship opportunity from Idyllwild Arts Academy, and took a position as a post-graduate student to prepare herself for college. Although Idyllwild is a respected arts institution, with several incredible instructors, the education that Sarah walked away with was provided by herself. She claims the personal development as an artist and a person that year has to be, at this point, her most prized possession. That year, a family friend offered to track Sarah's college audition tape. After the first session, Steve Lester, local recording engineer, artist and owner of New Moon Records offered to record and complete a solo instrumental album. Only weeks later, Sarah recorded her first full-length piano album: Joshua Tree Sessions. Almost a year later it was submitted to the JPP National Awards and Nominated for "Best Acoustic Album of the Year" and "Best Acoustic Song of the Year." Joshua Tree Sessions received runner-up and second place honor, without her knowledge of its submission. That record, is a portrait of an eighteen year-old girl, a piano and their venture together. The album contains eleven tracks, three of which were composed prior to the session. The other eight were improvisations breathed out by a pitch -black closet and the sound of strings.

Through her admission to Idyllwild Arts, Sarah received several acceptances from Music institutions throughout the nation. USC, Cal Arts, San Francisco Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Berkley in Boston and California replies with acceptance letters and scholarship offers, Sarah was also accepted as a composition major with a full scholarship to UNLV. Emphasis on piano and performance would take her into the study of Dr. Carol Stivers. She moved to Las Vegas.

Enrolled at UNLV, in addition to studying both composition and piano performance, Sarah found a personal passion in music theory. Through the love of her art she put in several extra analyses for review and was invited to guest lecture for theory courses under the recommendation of Dr. Jocelyn Jensen, choral and theory instructor for UNLV Music

Sarah currently receives vocal instruction (directed toward original song) provided by Coren Zai, a Seth Riggs certified instructor. She also continues her piano studies in and out of the classroom. Residing currently in Las Vegas, she composes, arranges, produces and performs her original piano-vocal work professionally and for the love of her art in pursuit of a long term music career. She has become one of Las Vegas' most beloved performers being one of the very few being paid regularly to perform her original music.

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