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Spreading That Stuff
#133 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Spreading That Stuff
Perfect Universe
Vocal Jazz
Length: 2:41
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
Take a Bite
#168 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Take a Bite
Perfect Universe
Vocal Jazz
Length: 5:00
On Network Since Apr 5, 2007
sally cooper
SongVault Certified Artist sally cooper

New York, Australia

Vocal Jazz / Rhythm & Blues

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Australian Sally Cooper is a full time Professional Internationally touring songbird, who's music crosses over the R&B/Folk/Jazz & Blues genres. Her sensual and soaring vocals consistently offer a spine tingling delivery of both popular song interpretations and the emotive themes in her original songs.

Sally displays well rounded vocal prowess in performances of songs made famous by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Eva Cassidy, and Janis Joplin. Her rich and polished vocals talents have kept her in demand full time as a vocalist in International 5 star hotels for the past 10 years.

Her original material has also displayed natural evolutionary growth over time, thanks to her being an "unsigned artist," (& free from the artistic control that record companies tend to place on their artists.) An enormous internet audience follows Sallys' work, indicated by over a million streams and downloads since 2000 at and (with no promotion or marketing assistance at all,) and without the help of big budget production on her tracks. Sallys' original songs consistently offer a high level of musicianship, and deliver a potent mix of R&B jazzy grooves, pop sensibility, Folk, and Soul Blues vocal belting.

Her vocal/songwriting talents have been enhanced from working with Australia's' best musicians. Contributing musicians in Sally's' live performances and recordings have also worked with artists such as Barbara Streisand, Madonna, James Taylor, Frank Zappa, Vince Jones, Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth, James Morrison, Dale Barlow, and The Baby Animals. Her career started as lead singer/songwriter for 7 piece original Pop/Funk/Groove band "Havoc in the ballroom" which performed regularly at Sydneys' premium jazz and blues venues. Her 2nd ever public performance was to a packed house at Sydneys' 'Harborside Brasserie, her 3rd ever was at "The Real Ale Cafe" (which also regularly featured world class artists such as Renee Geyer and James Morrison.)

To claim that Sally Cooper has a solid "Work ethic" would be a gross understatement. She has been performing full time with her duo, band and Trio "The Sally Cooper duo, band and Trio" for 4-7 nights of every week of the year since 1996 in 5 star venues across Sydney, Brisbane, and the Northern Territory of Australia, The South Pacific, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Dubai, Tahiti, Bahrain, China, South Korea and India.

Press reviews:

Paula Carosi: Musical director of re Sallys' recording of "God Bless the child thats got his own" from "Perfect Universe" released September 2006:

"God Bless that child Sally Cooper!
Sally gives a marvelous performance showing the great range, depth, power, and emotion in her voice. The band and the arrangement are great. It's her best recording to date. It's a new jazz classic. I'm on my 5th listen today. I'm hooked
God Bless Sally"

Mike Ventarola, Director of "Hidden Sanctuary" NMA promoter:

"The warmest dulcet tones I have heard in quite some time. This lady evokes passion around each note to tweak every last nuance of feeling from each lyric I am amazed she hasn't been signed yet! "
"Take Sades' smoothness, Anita Bakers passion, stir gently, and you have another sensational song from this Australian chanteuse"

Ben Omhart "Music Dish" Magazine:
"At times sounding like Barbara Streisand," "fine stage presence" "rich talents."

Russell. W Elliot "Musical Discoveries" Magazine:
"Sensually sung, and evocative, she soars above the otherwise lush instrumental arrangements." "a budding artist with a bright future"

"Prime Artists Vocal Club":
"Listening to Sally Cooper makes feel like I just rode in on a camel to a smoke filled jazz bar in "The Village", NYC. The vocals are a mix of blues and contemporary pop while fretless the bass drips with jazz."

The "Drum Media" Magazines' "Live" Music Reviewer in Sydney says:
"It was a pleasant surprise to be met by this vocalist who set the Room alight with her Piercing Bluesy vocals, accompanied by vibrant acoustic guitar, coloring the set with jazz and contemporary flavorings, Cooper wooed the crowd and created an ambience"

Bobby Bensley JavaMusic A&R:
"Strong, confident, passionate, dynamic and technically solid she has paid her dues in clubs around the world leaving audiences in awe in the process.
Sally Cooper delivers vocal performances that have the raw power and dynamic control of Aretha Franklin sprinkled with the energy of Tina Turner and the emotional diversity of Sarah McLachlin. Cooper is the type of performer who makes a connection with the listener on a deep base emotional level. Scorching guitar solos ,danceable structure and pure pop sensibility in the use of vocal harmonies."

Tamworth Newspaper Review:
"Sally Coopers' Sweet Voice Must Be Heard"
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