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sadsad74 sadsad74
sadsad74 sadsad74

Florida, United States

Cajun / Zydeco

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Factory Expansion Joint Track Splint
Product Introduction
SINCHOLD Mainly used for factory support beams of the joint connection, a scalable debugging hole according to reserved aperture size debugging and connection between i-steel tighten. Rail joint processing plant expansion joints usually has two kinds: one kind of use splint or fish plate connection, rail uses 45┬░inclined joint, clearance to 10 mm. Another uses according to the rail head contour machining splicing splint connection, clearance of 50 mm.
Production Details
Deliver,Shipping and Service
Packaging Details:pallets or wooden cases
Delivery Detail: according to your requirements,accept L/C or T/T payment
If you're going to wholesale the factory expansion joint track splint made in China, welcome to consult the price list and the quotation with us. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy the famous brands' products in stock at cheap price from Clamping Plate
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